Basic Sciences are fundamental to all engineering and technology studies. The humanities studies have an important role to play. They enable the students to appreciate the social, political and economic impact of technology and consequently how to influence that.

The department of Basic Science and Humanities supports the students in gaining resilient base in science and humanities, preparing them for Undergraduate examinations under Mahatma Gandhi University and Kerala Technological University.

 The Department of Basic Science and Humanities is ably headed by Dr.Sunny Kuriakose, Ph D (Physics), and comprises of experienced, dedicated and highly qualified faculty members who provide a comprehensive knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Management, Training and development, Communication Skills. A team of highly qualified experienced and academically brilliant faculty members empower the students to become employable, efficient, and excelling in communication & social skills, meeting the needs of the current professional setting. The department is sufficiently facilitated with the required labs – Physics lab and Chemistry Lab for students under Kerala Technological University; and Language Lab for students of both Mahatma Gandhi University and Kerala Technological University.


The department of Physics came into functioning in July 2013.The good knowledge of Physics is necessary to understand the mechanism of engineering subjects. The department is well equipped to provide the quality education to the students along with sound experimental skill.


The department of Chemistry came into functioning in July 2013.The place of Chemistry in the academic programs of the institution offered at present is to provide basic subject knowledge, which is essential for understanding the physio-chemical processes and the chemical nature of materials, used in engineering and technology. 


The department of Mathematics came into functioning in July 2013. The vibrant department has six members with one PhD. holder and one pursuing PhD. The faculty members consistently perceive to reach great heights. The department lively involves in all activities for the over-all development of the student community.


The department of Humanities offers teaching of Professional Communication and Management related subjects. The department has the primary mandate of quality teaching, enhancing students learning ability, development of personality with a thrust on communication skills


Ranging from on-the-job training conducted by supervisors to highly specialized training using outside teachers with expert knowledge, training programs cover a wide variety of needed abilities. Students must be taught the acceptable ways in which the company handles common functions. If your responsibilities are new to you, individual or group instruction will be conducted. When changes are made in methods, materials or manpower, you will probably undergo additional training. Training and development programs benefit not only the students, but also the teachers. By learning new skills, abilities to use new methods and materials and knowledge, you become a more valuable.


To provide concrete foundation in Basic Sciences and Humanities that enables the student to evolve as an adept socially responsible professional.


  1. Enhance problem solving skills and instill basic knowledge in science enabling the students to analyze simple and complex problems.
  2. Provide opportunities for the overall development of students which shall empower them as socially responsible individuals.
  3. Pursue research activities by the faculty and support students in their interdisciplinary projects or programs.