Posted on: Tue, 03/13/2018 - 18:35 By: ecadmin

HardTech Kochi -National Level Hardware Conclave Meetup


Maker Village in association with KSUM, organized a National Level Hardware Conclave meetup on 10th March 2018, at Gokulam Convention Center, Kochi. In this regard, Dr. Arunkant A Jose (Assistant Professor, ECE),  Mr. Baiju Karun (Associate Professor, ECE), Mr.Rishikesh P H (Assistant Professor, ECE) and Mr. Gince Mon Georgekutty (Lab instructor, ECE) accompanied 30 ECE students from 2015-2019 Batch  for the program.


Participated Companies: Lockheed Martin India, Siemens India, Dassault Systems India, Qualcomm India, Intel India, ARM India, Imec India, Bosch India, Tejas Networks, Invecas, Rambus, Texas Instruments India