• Dr Arunkant A Jose (Assistant Professor, ECE) was appointed as the Conference Chair for the Paper / Poster Presentation in the event KETCON – 2018. He chaired the conference under the track Artificial Intelligence in Engineering on 23rd February 2018 at Sahrdaya Engineering College, Thrissur.

  • Mr. Anas M. M (Assistant Professor, ECE) conducted an FDP on “Introduction to Embedded systems” and hands on training on Keil and Arduino IDE at Marian Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram from 3 rd July 2017 to 7th July 2017.
  • Dr. Selvia Kuriakose (Assistant Professor, ECE) received PhD from IIT Gandhinagar on March 2017. Her area of research was Biomedical signal processing.
  • Mr. Baiju Karun (Associate Professor, ECE) was appointed as Resource person for FDP on Embedded Systems which was conducted during 4th to 8th January 2016 at College of Engineering, Kidangoor.




2013-2017 Batch

  • The student proposals submitted by Mr. Gheevarghese, Mr. Ajins T. Salim, Mr. Jaimon Shibu, Mr. Bobby Abraham, Ms. Irene George, Ms. Karthika R, Mr. Viswas Eldo and Mr. Jithin Sulfiker were shortlisted for presentation in All India ARM Design Contest 2016 (ADCOM 2016).
  • Mr. Viswas Eldo and Ms. Revathy Rajan secured second position in the paper presentation competition held at RIT Kottayam on 1st September 2016.
  • Ms. Irene George and Ms. Giffy Francis secured first position in the paper presentation competition held at Brahma 2016, Adishankara College on 19th February 2016.
  • Mr. Bobby Abraham and Mr. Emmanuel secured First Prize in Electronic quiz event at Druva 2015, CKC Mannoor on 25th February 2015.
  • Mr. Bobby Abraham, Mr. Emmanuel and Mr. Jithin secured second position in the event "Quest" at Bharatham 2015, FISAT on 6th February 2015.
  • Mr. Bobby Abraham and Mr. Gheevarghese secured third prize in National level Techno- Managerial Symposium at Model Engineering Collge on 25th September 2014.
  • Mr. Vishnudas secured first prize in the event "Through the lens" at TAKSHAK 2014, MA College on 19th September 2014.


2014-2018 Batch

  • Mr. Aravind M. P, Mr. Udhaya Sakthivel Ganesh, Mr. Kevin Jerald and Aswin secured third prize in Elexpo Competition at Arora 2016, a two day national level Technical Symposium Conducted by EEE Department of Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Arakkunnam on 15th September 2016.
  • Mr. Aravind M. P and Mr. Udhaya Sakthivel Ganesh V secured first position in the event "Do or Die" at Palmarius 2016, Sahradaya College of Engineering and Technology on 5th August 2016.


2015-2019 Batch

  • Diya Aravind,  Aneesa  Muhammed,  Britty Joseph, Merin Roy, Aswathy Vijayan and  Siya Paul of 2015-2019  Batch won prizes for the circuitrix event conducted as part of Dhishna 2k17 at CUSAT.
  • Mary  Fezin  and  Keerthana  Rajesh   of   2015-2019  Batch  won  third prize for the event ‘electrogeek’ conducted as part of DRISHTI 2017 at CET Trivandrum.
  • Alina Saju, Elu Elias, Riya Mary Antony and Nidhuna Varghese of 2015-2019 Batch won  prizes for  the Tech-Fest Takshak 2017 at M A College of Engineering
  • Sreerag K S, A.Anandu, Basil Johnson, Merin Roy and Aravind  B  Menon  of 2015-2019 Batch won second     prize     in    the     LINE     FOLLOWING CHALLENGE  at   RoboRAVE INDIA 2017  hosted by MITS on 4th and 5th November 2017.


2016-2020 Batch

  • Arya T.S,  Athulya Saju,  Athira K. S  and  Rabiya Basheer  of 2016-2020 Batch  won  third prize in the Idea presentation competition as a part of SHAASTRA at IIT Madras.
  • A    team    of   students   which    includes  Ananthu  Anil  of  2016-2020 Batch secured third  position  in  the All India Arm Design contest   on  autonomous  vehicle  held  at TVS   IQL,   Anekal,   Karnataka.
  • A  team  of    students   which   includes Ananthu Anil  of  2016- 2020 Batch  won second prize in the ENTREPRENEURIAL CHALLENGE  at RoboRAVE  INDIA 2017.   
  • A team of students  which includes  Ananthu  Anil  of  2016- 2020  Batch  won First prize in the LINE FOLLOWING CHALLENGE at RoboRAVE INDIA 2017.