basic science & humanities


Basic Sciences and Humanities are fundamental to all engineering and technology studies. The Department of Basic Science and Humanities was established in July 2013. Since then it has been is instrumental in building students' knowledge base in the field of science and humanities while preparing them for their undergraduate examinations under Mahatma Gandhi University and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. It helps students to develop a new outlook towards technology in tune with the social, economic and political advancements in the present day society.

The Department of Basic Science and Humanities is headed by Dr.Sunny Kuriakose and it comprises qualified faculty members from the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Management, English,Training and Development.This includes 3 PhD holders and 12 Postgraduates with 4 of them pursuing their doctoral degrees.The department also provides Physics, Chemistry and Language lab facilities for the students with a lab staff for the Physics lab.


  •   To provide a concrete foundation in Basic Sciences and Humanities that enables the student to evolve as a technically adept and socially responsible professional.


  • Instill requisite knowledge in science and enhance problem solving skills thereby enabling the students to analyze simple and complex engineering problems.

  • Provide opportunities and support for the holistic development of students which shall empower them as competent engineers.

  • Pursue research activities by the faculty and support students in their interdisciplinary projects or programmes.



A good knowledge of physics is necessary for engineering students to get a thorough grounding in applied physics. It's objective in engineering education is to equip students to apply their knowledge of physical sciences for the design and analysis of engineering solutions.


The objective of this discipline is to teach students about the physio-chemical processes and the chemical nature of materials, used in engineering and technology. An in depth understanding of Chemistry is essential to develop a practical solution to an engineering problem.


Mathematical ability is one of the qualities that an engineer should have. Mathematics is a tool of an engineers which can be used to model,analyse and solve engineering problems. Its objective in engineering education is to introduce the students to a more practical world of applied mathematics.


Humanities as a discipline plays an inevitable role in building better engineers. The university has given importance to teaching of economics, management studies and life skills which is aims at the overall growth of a student. Therefore the objective of humanities is to encourage students to gain knowledge ans skills essential for understanding the wold around them.


A students needs continuous training and development to ensure continuous growth throughout their student life and beyond. The training and development team at the college provides opportunity for students to sharpen the soft skills necessary for their future. For this, the team designs customized courses for students after identifying their training needs. It also provides students with training in Business English Certification (BEC) program assessed by the Cambridge English Assessment.