March  2018

                   LINUX WAR

                            Linux war, a Free and Open Source Software oriented competition was organized in March 2018, by Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Program committee comprised of Asst. Prof. Sneha S., Asst. Prof. Fasila K.A(faculty coordinators) and student volunteers from S8 CSE. The event was planned as an extended hour activity and was open to students from all departments of MITS. Winners were offered a cash prize of Rs.2500.






Two teams from the Computer Science Department represented the college in the finals of 3rd National

ACCS-ARM Design Challenge 2016

Level Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS) -ARM Design Challenge (ADC) at

Hosur Karnataka.













FOSS Club Inauguration

As a part of Linux 25th Anniversary Celebrations, Dept of CSE of MITS is organising one year celebrations

in the form of various activities to support Open Source Foundation.














Introduction to FPGA & ASIC Design

Department of Computer Science Engineering is conducting a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Introduction to FPGA & ASIC Design.












CLIQUE – Department Associations

The Computer Science and Engineering Association was inaugurated by Shri. Jayakrishnan K, Co-Founder

and Director, Xtend Technologies, Kochi.












  1. 11/8/2014 – Introduction to Subversioning and Multi-file programming by Girish Balakrishnan, Mahalingam P.R, Dept of CSE.
  2. 15/8/2014 – Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript by Mahalingam P.R, Dept of CSE
  3. 8/9/2014 – Talk on Web Development from Emsyne Technologies by Clique
  4. 26/9/2014 – Talk on Cloud Technologies by IndiaOptions Pvt Ltd by Clique
  5. 27/10/2014 – Chartering of ACM Student Chapter by ACM Student Chapter
  6. 15/12/2014 – Talk on Data Analytics by Dr. Susan Elias.
  7. 22/1/2015 – Talk on Computer Security by QuickHeal Technologies by Clique.
  8. 13/2/2015 – Workshops and contests as part of PRAVAH 2015 (Technical Fest of Dept of EEE) by Clique, ACM Student Chapter.
  9. 20/2/2015 – Session on “Unit Testing using GoogleTest” by Girish Balakrishnan, HOD CSE.
  10. 14/3/2015 – World PI day celebrations and challenge by Clique.
  11. 26/6/2015 – Bridge Course for KTU students Dept of CSE.
  12. 07-07-2015 – How to read Operating System source code by Mahalingam P.R, Asst Prof, CSE.
  13. 24/7/2015 – Setting up Ubuntu Installation Repository by Mahalingam P.R, Asst Prof, CSE.
  14. 09-01-2015 – Oracle Workforce Development Programme (Oracle 11g) by Divya Madhu, Jisha James, Asst Prof, CSE.
  15. 09-02-2015 – Offline teaching on Slack by Mahalingam P.R, Asst Prof, CSE.
  16. 09-07-2015 – Introduction to Javascript by Girish Balakrishnan, HOD CSE.
  17. 09-09-2015 – Workshop on Unity suite by Neeraj Jain, 2013-17 CSE.
  18. 09-09-2015 – Introduction to ACM by ACM Student Chapter.
  19. 16/9/2015 – Lecture on Introduction to Git by Vivek S, 2013-17 CSE.
  20. 27/9/2015 – Talk on Big Data by Dr. Susan Elias.
  21. 28/9/2015 – Student project initiation by Dr. Susan Elias.
  22. 10-03-2015 – INNOVATE 1.0 by ACM Student Chapter, Clique.
  23. 18/01/2016 – How to use LaTex by Anand H.S., Asst Prof, CSE.



  1. Our students have participated in various inter-collegiate technical events conducted in a number of colleges. A team from the department has participated in the Mar Athanasius College of Engineering’s tech fest TAKSHAK 2014. Teams participated in events like Robo Wars, Robo Racing, Coding.
  2. Another team participated in the Model Engineering College’s fest – EXCEL 2014. The major events were Relay Coding, Online Stock Broking, Robo Wars.
  3. Our students also showcased their talents in Mar Baselious Institute of Technology and Science tech fest – KARNAK 2014.
  4. Shasatra 2015 organised by IIT Madras was an unique experience for the students. A robotics team from CSE was selected for the technical test. The technical fest was a huge opportunity for the students, especially those with keen interest in Robotics and embedded systems.
  5. ICEFOSS conducted by FISAT was a workshop on Free and Open-Source Software on 15th and 16th of January 2015. There were sessions on software design using Python, and a few programming contests. A few students undertook the training sessions and contests.
  6. Java Game Development – A workshop on Game Development using Java was conducted on 23rd January 2015 at Mar Athanasius College of Engineering. The sessions were based on the GreenFoot gaming framework, which was developed using Java. The workshop was handled by resource persons from Oracle, and it was part of a series of training sessions on Java development. A few students attended the session, and have enrolled for the rest of the training.
  7. PRAVAH 2015 as an in-house event. There was ample participation in PRAVAH 2015, the technical fest conducted by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students of MITS. Students took part in different events like Treasure Hunt, Poster presentation, etc.



As part of the co-curricular activities, professional associations were initiated in the department. The faculty also augmented their knowledge by attending sessions in other institutions.



The department initiated an ACM Student Chapter as part of the professional membership drive among the students. It initially has one faculty and 4 students as primary members. More students are approaching the professional memberships positively, and the count is set to increase steadily.

The student chapter was officially chartered by the COO of ACM as “Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science ACM Student Chapter” on 27th October 2014.

The ACM chapter student members were instrumental in building a website for the chapter. URL



The Annual Meet of ACM India was held on 4-6 February 2015 at BITS Goa. Three members of our student chapter attended the meeting. The meeting contained deliberations on various topics in Computer Science and Engineering. The students also got a chance to meet one of the pioneers in Computer Science, Dr. John Hopcroft, IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science at Cornell University. He was honored with the A. M. Turing Award in 1986.

To raise funds for the functioning of the chapter, contests were organized as part of PRAVAH 2015, the technical fest organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MITS. Gaming and Blind Coding contests were organized, and it evoked huge response from the students. The students were able to raise a fair share of money for events to be conducted as part of the chapter in the near future.



                 EVENT REPORTS