Faculty Projects

1. A simple slide changer and classroom content manager built on NodeJS. The project is hosted on GitHub. Built by Mahalingam P. R., Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE. Used as part of courses including Unix Shell Programming, System Software, Operating System Kernel Design, Operating Systems Lab, etc.

2. Android Pie based Smartphone OS development from AOSP and LineageOS sources for Redmi Note 4. Known widely as custom ROMs, these are beta releases and makes use of the most recent software upgrades and security updates from AOSP (Android Open Source Project).  The ROMs are accessible from Androidfilehost. Sources at GitHub were used for the project. Developed by Dr C.K. Raju, Professor in CSE. Android OS development capability is a highly specialised  and critical segment towards commissioning production of Smartphones.


Sl.No: Project area Projects
1 Network on Chip Simulation of butterfly and fat tree architecures in multicore perspective
Design and implementation of a network on chip based simulator on a multicore perspective
Comparison of different routing strategies in NoC on multicore perspective
2 Information Security Zero knowledge password
Multibiometric cryptosystems based on decision level fusion for file uploading
3 Cloud Security Deduplication of encrypted big data in cloud
4 Rule mining Cardiacare
5 Intelligent systems Dr.Trans:Chat bot for personal medical assistance
6 Data mining Share Predictor
7 Networking Implementation of delay-tolerant routing protocol
Simulation of traffic block control system using computer networks
8 System security Seeing the unseen
9 Image processing CYC-Clean Your City
10 Financial Technology Save your money V2.0


SL.NO Project Area Project Topic
1 Machine Learning , AI Agro virtual assistance using AI
2 Machine Learning Web vulnerability Scanner
3 Computer Networks Ambulance Parking and route optimization to Hospital
4 Deep Learning, Video Processing Video Frame interpolation using deep convolutional neural network
5 Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing Augen
6 Computer vision, Image Processing, Deep Learning Vision controlled video player
7 Cryptography,Security Online fraud transaction prevention system using extended cryptography and QR code
8 Image Processing,Computer vision, Deep Learning Vision based fire detection system using deep learning
9 Cloud Computing,Bigdata,Machine Learning An algorithm for efficient partitioning of big data on cloud
10 Image Processing, Neural networks Proposal of a new feature extraction algorithm for advanced system processing
11 AI, Machine Learning, Data Mining. Information fusion in the context of content recovery and summarization
12 Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Automated sentences generation using keywords
13 Medical Image Analysis, Deep Learning Melanoma detection using convolutional neural network
14 Image Processing, Deep Learning Offline recognition of old malayalam handwritten text