Department of Civil Engineering, MITS offers consultancy services to Industries, Private and Public agencies, Service Sector, Govt. Departments and other National and International agencies in niche areas of expertise available in the Institute. Consultancy services offered will cover a variety of activities such as Feasibility Studies; Technology Assessments; Assessment/Estimation of Designs and / or Current Manufacturing Process;Structural Design; Retrofitting Exercises; Surveying; Geotechnical Investigations and so on.

Some of the services offered by the department:

1. Surveying Lab

  • Land Surveying
  • Contouring
  • Levelling

2. Material Testing Lab

  • Tension test on Mild and Tor Steel
  • Vickers Hardness and Brinell Hardness of Material
  • Tests on wood
  • Tests on cement
  • Tests on aggregate
  • Tests on Bricks
  • Tests on Tiles
  • Tests on Hardened concrete
  • Tests on fresh concrete
  • Mix design
  • Permeability Test on concrete

3. Geotechnical Engineering Lab

  • Particle Size analysis of soil
  • Shear Strength of soil
  • Consolidation Characteristics of soil
  • Index properties of soil
  • Permeability of soil
  • CBR value of soil

4. Transportation Engineering Lab

This lab has all the facilities needed for testing of materials such as soil, aggregates and

bitumen used in highway construction.

  • Tests on Aggregates
    • Abrasion test, Impact test, Shape test, Crushing test
  • Tests on Bitumen
    • Ductility test, softening test, Specific gravity, Viscosity
    • Marshall stability test on bituminous mixture

5. Environmental Engineering Lab

  • Tests for assessment of water quality parameters.
  • Tests using Spectrophotometer for identification of presence of heavy metals.
  • Bacteriological analysis using MPN tests.